16 February 2010

Sandeep's 39th Birthday

Yesterday, 14 February - Valentine's Day -  would have been my martyred son, Sandeep Singh's 39th birthday.  Times does fly.  Had things gone differently, I would no doubt be a grandmother with Sikhling rugrats all about me.  Had he gotten married young, he could even have had grown children by now!  Suddenly my age is catching up with me.

I felt myself getting a bit sad yesterday thinking about what might have been, when I almost heard his slightly exasperated, "Moooother, it's all the Hukam of Vaheguru!"  Then as he often did  when I was even slightly out of sorts, he'd start looking around the house.

Under the chair.  "No, it's not here."

Behind the sofa.  "No, it's not here."

On top of the bookshelf.  "No, it's not here."

And on and on until we both collapsed in laughter.  Then he would point to me.  "Found it!  There's your chardi kala!"


  1. That's really sweet. Oh my 39, Where have the years gone? One fact about the deceased is they remain saints for they did not linger to get involved in grips of Maya...
    Cardi kalaa!!!!!

  2. What can a mother say about a child who potty trained himself?

    He is now with Guru ji, in total anand incomprehensible to us.



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