10 March 2010

The Butcher of Punjab Gets Audience at UN

PunjabNewsline.com - The Butcher of Punjab Gets Audience at UN

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Wednesday, 10 March 2010

CALIFORNIA: Interfaith International, an NGO with consultative status
with the Economics and Social Council of the United Nations (ECOSO),
has accredited 17 Indian citizens to represent India at the 13th
Session of Human Rights Council in Geneva this month.

One of those 17 is KP Gill, known as "the Butcher of Punjab," because
of his gross violations of Human Rights, including the fake-encounter
killings of Sikh youth.

The inclusion of KPS Gill, a former Director-General of the Punjab
police has shocked many Sikhs.

In addition, it is said he participated in abduction, torture,
persecution and the eventually killing of Sardar Jaswant Singh
Khalsa, the Human Rights Activist from the ruling Akali Dal-Badal
party. Gill murdered hundreds of thousand of Sikhs youth during his
tenure with the Punjab Police. Punjab was occupied by india in 1947.

KPS Gill was also appointed a 'Special advisor' to Narendra Modi, who
carried out the genocide of Muslims of Gujarat in 2002-2003.

A group of California Sikhs have written to Madam N Pillay, the UN
High Commissioner for Human Rights, asking her to prevent KPS Gill
from entering the United Nations Human Rights Council. They say
instead that Swiss authorities should arrest and try him for crimes
against humanity.

Courtesy: Newsblaze.com


  1. What a shocker this guy has been called the butcher of Punjab for over 25 years it's utterly mind boggling.

  2. Indian politics, in general, and Punjabi politics, in particular are beyond the understanding of those of us who grew up outside those regions. I generally try to ignore these, but I'll take on anything about this heartless criminal traitor who calls himself a Sikh. Human rights? He knows neither humanity nor rights.

    Bhenji, while I have your attention: does this new look of the Khaliblog enhance or detract? I like the idea of having a picture of rural Khalistan in the background, but if it's distracting, I need to know. (Blogger has come up with some new stuff and I needed to try it out.)



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