10 September 2010

BURNING THE QURAN - A Position Statement

I would love to ignore that hateful ignoramus the "Reverend" Terry Jones of Gainesville, FL, USA, but I need to issue a statement because to say nothing might be construed as either support or indifference to this. I do not know what Terry Jones may or may not do.  I do know that what he proposes to do is wrong, wrong, WRONG!!  As a Sikh, I respect all religions and am bound to treat others' holy books as do their adherents.  I treat the Holy Bible, the Holy Quran and all other sacred scriptures as sacred scriptures with respect and love.  I may not - I do not - follow their teachings, but I do accept that they are inspired writings, revered by their followers and worthy of respect.

It has been pointed out to me that part of the reason for Sikhi coming into existence was the persecution of the religious groups of India, primarily the Hindus, by the Muslims.  Excuuuuuuse me!  The persecutors, sure enough, were Muslims, but not the only Muslims.  The Mughal rulers were a small group of tyrants and, it must not be forgotten that those who hunted down and killed Sikhs for a bounty were almost entirely Hindus.  It seemas forgotten that Guru Nanak Dev Ji's dear friend and traveling companion was a Muslim, the cornerstone of Harmandir Sahib Ji was laid by a Muslim, and we mustn't forget Sheik Fareed and Bhagat Kabir whose writings are included in Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj, our eternal Guru were Muslims.

I remember seeing birs of Guru ji burnt in the Sikh Genocide of Delhi, 1984.  These pictures are very painful to look at.  Here, see what I mean.

 I cannot wish this on anyone.  Let all Sikhs everywhere condemn this idiot's plan to burn the Holy Quran.  Whether or not this happens, the very idea is so repulsive that it must be vociferously condemned.


  1. you are a coward, don't dare call yourself a Khalsa, you scum

  2. the road to khalistan will remain a dream i am a sikh serving in indian army and i call you a dealer, a fixer who is only going to make outr life in india painful, brother can't you see we have a sikh prime minister...in us of a you need to be a christian to be a prez...can your son or grandson be a prez by clinging on to sikhism?dream on brother...india has changed..1984 is history and me and my sikh friends are happy to be in a vibrant india...

  3. Devdeep Gupta ji,

    First, I am a woman, as you would know, if you actually read this blog. I am a Canadian, so my son would never be President of USA. Nor could he be Prime Minister of Canada since he achieved shaheedi in the Sikhi Genocide, Delhi 1984. For the same reason I have no grandson to aspire to anything.

    I try to remember never to call myself a Khalsa. While I do not consider myself either a coward or scum, I am not pure, not worthy of the being called Khalsa. I am Amritdhari; I have the title of Khalsa. I hope someday to deserve it.

    I have never advocated taking up arms against India. I believe that India will fall apart due its internal corruption and lack of cohesion. It will fall apart as did the Soviet Union. When that happens I urge all Sikhs to be ready to pick up the pieces in and around Punjab, which would have been ours anyway, had not Tara Singh made a huge error. This will happen when it is the Hukam of Vaheguru. Only time will tell which of us is correctly predicting the future.

    I am not afraid or even concerned about the sentiments of Muslims in Texas or anywhere else. If you had read the articles about the Austin Gurudwara, you would know that it is threatened by Christian neighbours, not Muslims.



    For obvious reasons, I will not give you contact information.

    And, please, exactly what do you want me to shove up my ass?

  4. Such ignorant comments from the first commenter. I've just read about Pal Singh, and you talk of a vibrant India!

    Thanks for standing up for the truth so wisely, Mai. It is painful to see so much hatred in the world. Specially when it comes from a Reverend---a Christian, who ought to be spreading love and tolerance instead. And who ought to be following the real teachings of Jesus (A.S.)instead of mutilating them.

  5. Dear H. Maryam ji,

    II actually got several e-mails from Devdeep Gupta before I posted a response here. He was very angry that I posted that picture of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Maharaj ji, and demanded I remove it. I have left it for two reasons, first it makes my point to Sikhs as nothing else could and, second, I don't take orders from Indian soldiers very well.

    I have not heard from him since posting my response. Perhaps he was a bit chagrined to have spoken thus to a woman or perhaps he's trying to track me down for him own nefarious purposes, lol.

    I am very glad that terry jones backed down. I think every religion has its nutty loose cannons. Our job is to make sure they have no cannonballs.

  6. proud to be a sikh



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