15 January 2011


I have again been asked the perennial question, Is Khalistan really necessary? This time it was in a Facebook group, Sikhism(English Language).  The person who posted it seems to have removed it.  I think it deserves an answer and, anyway, I have taken the time to write it and my time is valuable.  Here is the exchange:

His question (completely unedited ):

Mai Harinder Kaur ji , I can understand the state which you went through in the past . But cannot understand why you are still supporting Khalistan ? Past is Past . The new generation here in India does not want to listen to the Khalistan stories . With time , people are moving ahead . Looking for Justice is a separate thing and Dreaming of Khalistan is a separate thing .Many teenagers who were not even born 25 years ago , get into debates of Khalistan - Khalistan here in this Virtual World . The age which is meant to make career , look for life partner is spent in hatred and criticism debates regarding Khalistan . As a human , we all want Justice . But With Khalistan tales , we are again creating hatred and criticism among new generation people . Isn't it so ?

Indian Princely States

My response:

No, it isn't so.  Hatred is not being created.  Injustice exists.  That creates a certain amount of negative emotion all on its own.  Criticism is necessary and justified.  Any system will be and should be critically examined.  That includes the system that is called The Republic of India.  Has India treated Sikhs with respect in the past?  If not, how can we expect India to treat us fairly in the future?

This statement is most interesting:  "The new generation here in India does not want to listen to the Khalistan stories."  If this is true, the solution is simple.  Don't listen.  No one is forcing you to listen or read or watch videos about Khalistan.  The writings and videos are there;  it is your choice to pay attention or ignore them.  I have found, however, that many young Indian Sikhs are very interested.  Also your statement that "the age which is meant to make career, look for life partner is spent in hatred and criticism debates regarding Khalistan" implies that one cannot make a career and look for a life partner while debating Khalistan.  That is simply not true.  Career and marriage, and working toward Khalistan are not mutually exclusive at all.  In fact, Khalistan will need educated workers and stable families in order to exist and thrive.

Are we Sikhs a people?  Yes, I believe we are, both spiritually and physically.    We have a history, a language, a culture and an ancestral homeland, as well as a religion.  We have the right and the need to preserve all this.  All people long for their own autonomy.  In India, we Sikhs will always be a thorn in the side of the ruling elite because we don't accept their self-claimed right to rule over us.  Because of promises such as M. K. Gandhi's assurance, " No Constitution would be acceptable to the Congress which did not satisfy the Sikhs." (Collected works of M K Gandhi Vol.58. p. 192), the Sikhs threw their support to Congress only to be betrayed when Independence was achieved.   The Constitution of India (which accepts us only as Hindus) has never been accepted by us and will certainly never satisfy us.  With such disrespect shown to us at the highest levels, how can we ever enjoy safety in our homes and businesses?

If you think the need for Khalistan is rooted in hatred, you are completely wrong.  It is rooted in the love we have for our Sikh sisters and brothers, in our love of Sikhi and in our love for the highest Khalsa ideals.  If you read my writings carefully, you will find that I have never advocated violence to establish Khalistan.  I have always said that Khalistan will become a physical reality when it is the Hukam of Vaheguru.  I expect eventually that India - a legal fiction created by the British for their own convenience - will fall to pieces. People from Andhra Pradesh, Maharashrta,  Gurjarat are foreigners when it comes to history, language and culture.   There has been no point in time in the last 3000 years when Kashmir, Tamilnadu, Bengal and Punjab were under the same administrative unit.  Again, India was created by the British for their administrative convenience.  It was Gandhi/Nehru foolishness that a person from Jalandhar or Ludhiana needs a visa to travel to Lahore but doesn't need a visa to travel to Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bangalore.  It's simply absurd.  Creation of Khalistan is a means to end this absurdity.

When India disintegrates, it is our right and responsibility to be prepared to govern Punjab and whatever other parts of Balkanised India choose to join us. 


  1. Mai, i am a follower of your blog ever since it was created. You are really inspire a lot with ur writings. :)

    However, i just wonder, does Khalistan only comprise Indian side of Punjab? What about the punjab which is on other side? Will Pakistan ever let its punjab to be a part of Khalistan?

    1. No way Pakistani PUNJAB is doing well And we also support Khalistan .

  2. Maninder Singh ji,

    I am overjoyed that you have finally commented! I love to hear from our readers.

    Your question is a really big one and very difficult to address at this time. I hope we can negotiate with Pakistan for the return of West Punjab. Right now, the future of West Punjab ans, in fact, all of Pakistan is very iffy. It is possible that the taliban will take over West Punjab. In that case, I don't know about you, but I personally would take great pleasure in taking out these 21st century moghuls.

    As I often say, time will tell. Whatever is the hukam of Vaheguru is what will happen. And it will beyond our best imaginings, if only we hold true to the Guru Khalsa Panth!

    Bole so nihal!!
    Sat Shri Akaal!!

  3. Dear Mai ji, today it is the first time I have visited this web site, I also visited a lot of pro khalistani web sites. I found out that Sikhs have faced a lot of discrimination in the past both before and after independence. But every time the country needs them they selflessly come out and face the adversary. Firstly, being a Hindu myself I admit, like all the Hindus in India that, the Sikh community alone has 45% role in India's freedom struggle. Secondly, today whatever Hindus we have left in India has the efforts of Hon'ble Gurus and the great Khalsa forces, that managed to chase away the Abdalis attacking India and forcibly converting Hindus and taking away women and children as slaves. Even after independence the Sikh community is also helping manage India's borders. What more, Punjab has been the bread basket of India since times immemorable. So you see Sikhs and Punjab has been an inseparable part of India. Today in the 21st century India, Sikh community is respected and loved by all the communities for their selfless acts and sacrifice. Now considering the Sikhs in Pakistan, you should know that after partition more than 50 % of Sikhs in Pakistan were either converted to Muslims forcibly or killed. They still have to pay the Jizia tax to the Islamists along with the Hindus. Moreover, the Hindus and Sikhs in Pakistan consider themselves as one unit fighting for their rights. I want to know what has your organization done to protect "Sikh" rights in Pakistan? In the comments above you said that you will negotiate about "West Punjab" with Pakistan, why so!! why didn't you write that you will demand West Punjab like you have been demanding East Punjab? Are you afraid that, the pakis will finish the last remnants of Sikhs in that country, if you make such a demand? Or are YOU WITH PAKISTAN trying to destabilize India, by hurting the sentiments of honest, brave and hardworking Sikh brothers and motivating them for separation? Lastly, whatever you said about the Indian culture, 3000 years ago each and every one from Tehran in the west to Manila in the east, from Lhasa in the north to Jayakarta in the South, people with different colour, creed and culture were worshipping the vedic Gods.There was a time when Cholas and Pandyas of South ruled from Kapileshwara in the East to Jayakarta in the South, the Palas ruled from Kabul in the north to Rangoon in the east. Now the time has changed we cannot claim Pakistan, Afghanistan, Indonesia or Vietnam as it was once ruled by Indian kings, today India is reduced to whatever it has right now. India has been divided a thousand of times but still its culture and unity remained and will remain. Khalistan movement what I think is just like a Maoist movement in Bengal, Orissa etc. will fade away with time.

    Let the blessing of our Gurus be with India and its people.

  4. Q. Will it be a democracy or a theocracy?
    Q. What about the 37% Hindus living in east Punjab and Sikhs living outside Punjab in rest of India, will there be a population swap like 47?
    Q. Who will maintain the two Takhts of 'Patna Sahib' and 'Nander Sahib'?
    Q. After creation of Khalistan, India won't be a friend, do you expect an Islamist Pakistan, which even discriminates against its own 'Shia' minorities, to be a friend of Sikh Khalistan?
    Q. Khalistan will not have an access to Sea, so it will depend on either Pakistan or India for trade, energy supply and travelling, how do you plan to solve that?
    Q. 70% of 'Sikh Empire' was in what today is Pakistan, how would we get Lahore, Nankana Sahib etc. back?
    Q. Would the Khalistanis be taught history before 16th century?

  5. Why only the sikhs living outside India are demanding a separate khalistan.You would agree with us that concept of khalistan is not very popular in Punjab as it is Canada. Are you living in dream or reality? I am asking you, why should anyone listen to you when you choosed to have comfortable life outside India instead of working for the betterment of the country and their citizen?

  6. Do you think khalistan would not be run as a extremist government?

    How would khalistan be created as the Indian government would not just donate land to the movement?

    why are you not learning from the mistakes of the past/

    So if you truely want inderpendance, war would have to take place.

  7. An extremist government? Not if it is based on the principles of Sikhi.

    The War began quite a few years ago:

    Gentlemen may cry, Peace, Peace--but there is no peace. The war is actually begun! The next gale that sweeps from the north will bring to our ears the clash of resounding arms! Our brethren are already in the field! Why stand we here idle? What is it that gentlemen wish? What would they have? Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!

  8. As a Christian who grew up in India, I understand the pain and suffering that the Sikhs - also a minority go through at the hands of the majority Hindus.

    I had many good Sikh friends (and many are still close friends). The thing that I noticed, even as a young boy was that the Sikhs were different from the others. In what way? They had morals - this is very striking when you're surrounded by people who lack ethics and morals.

    You are a good people and I pray to God that you get your dream of freedom. God Bless!

    1. As a well informed indian with a keen interest in true vedic wisdom I can tell you Jeremy and all my sikh friends that the real problem with humanity is that people not understanding what the great siddhas like Rishi Valmiki, Rishi Vyasa, Gautam Buddha, Jesus Christ, Guru Nanak have tried to teach. Their message is of universal love and of doing good karma. There should be no pride in organizing as a sect or sticking to certain rituals, procedures, practices. The moment you form sect or religion there can be no universal love. All that is fundamentally against the concept of God.

      I truly believe in Guru Nanak Dev. He did not create the sect/religion...he gave his seekh (teaching) to his followers because the earlier vedic wisdom was complex and largely misinterpreted....sikhism as a religion with practices etc was created after the great Nanak Dev.

      Mai, there is love deep seated in your heart but just covered up by the dust of circumstances. If I get to talk to you I can help bring it out. The kirpan in your hand looks just like the khanda in the hand of Ma Chandi...the fierce form of Ma Adi Shakti. But ultimately Ma Adi Shakti is the cosmic mother in the form of nature who alone nurtures us in every cycle of earthly birth.

  9. Jeremy, may I ask if you are insinuating that Hindus lack morals and ethics?

  10. Simple question: where does this supposed new Khalistan hope to get its water for its people? India is not giving away haryana, and there goes your water source. In a cruel water-dry rainless drought hit future we all humans are about to experience in 40 or 60 years from now thanks to alarming rates of climate change and global warming, how does this prospect of breaking up India help people especially Sikh people? Do you intend to starve out your women and children, and celebrate your empty dry land as this dreamland of Khalistan?

    Sorry, you're in for a rude awakening if you even manage to achieve this.



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