21 December 2007

News Conference By Supporters of Laibar Singh Ji

This is all I have found so far...No doubt more will follow later. This is from Radio CKNW's website.

Laibar Singh supporters divided on what to do next.
Dec, 21 2007 - 1:20 PM

SURREY/CKNW(AM980) - Supporters of paralyzed refugee Laibar Singh are divided on whether they will physically prevent authorities from deporting him.
Singh is staying at the guru Nanak temple...officials there say they have not declared sanctuary and won't prevent the execution of a deportation order.

But organizers with the group "no one is illegal" won't say what their plans are...the same group helped organize a blockade at y-v-r to prevent Singh’s deportation on December 10th.

Supporters also appear to be divided on the issue of financial support for Singh.

Harsha walia with the group "no one is illegal" wouldn't reveal how much money has been pledged for Singh until she was asked several times.

"There’s been several thousands of dollars. Hundreds of thousands of dollars have been pledged for Mr. Laibar Singh. Hundreds of thousands, I mean I know maninder gill has gone on-air and pledged almost 50-thousand or 500-thousand dollars, half a million, so 500-thousand dollars."

But karnail Singh dhillon with the guru Nanak temple says the surrey temple hasn't received that money.

"We have no funds available from anybody. Only from the gurdwara funds we support him. So if he is too sick and goes to the hospital, we can't afford it."

Supporters say they are trying to set up a trust fund.

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