13 December 2008

The Meanings of SAD

I can think of at least three meanings of SAD off the top of my head. First, there's Seasonal Affective Disorder, which your author fights with some success each winter. There's the Punjabi political party , Shiromani Akali Dal. The bridge between these two is the simple English word "sad," meaning unhappy, sorrowful. Read on...

How to dishonour your turban, a short lesson in one picture.

Ever wonder where Bollywood got the image of us Sikhs as a bunch of buffoons?

A leader puts a crown on the head of SAD chief Sukhbir Singh Badal during a rally at Jaito, Faridkot district, on Saturday. Tribune photo: Kulbir Beera

From: The Tribune OnLine Edition


  1. Dear SS ji - You wouldn't understand. It's a Sikh thing.

    *tee hee*



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